KUOW - Taking the bikini out of 'bikini barista' in Everett - live view bikini barista


Scantily clad Bonney Lake baristas play to webcams at work | The Seattle Times live view bikini barista

We're a unique coffee house and espresso drive thru concept that was establish in , 'Foxy Lady' We are by no means your average 'bikini barista establishment', with our awesome coffee and food, . And don't forget, the view is on us!.

Powell is a bikini barista, one of hundreds across the state hired to serve “I have customers who've been coming to see me for six years. everyone deserves access to factual information, regardless of where they live or.

Bikini baristas, once again, are calling out the city of Everett, Wash., for trying to cover them up.

Watch: Residents Steamed at Bikini Baristas fondle or photograph them as they put on erotic shows - sometimes in view of passing traffic.