List of Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast members - Wikipedia - is spectacular from pretty ricky bisexual


Spectacular: I Am NOT Gay! | The Young, Black, and Fabulous® is spectacular from pretty ricky bisexual

The group members are LINGRIE, Spectacular, Baby Blue, and Slick'em ( Slickemdelephante). LINGRIE is the new member but as a group no new name, Pretty.

No he's not none of them in pretty ricky are. If you listen to their songs they are talking about a females and as we all know they are males.

So Pretty Ricky's Spectacular called into a radio show yesterday to . I have to say if he aint all the way gay he fa sho is bi i mean come on.

Something is seriously wrong in the Pretty Ricky camp. First Spectacular's bi-tail, now Slick Em." Pop it to see his package (SMH) No Homo?.