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The Denby Eco-Link, dubbed the super lorry by the mainstream media, is a commercial vehicle After taking legal advice, by the end of Denby Transport owner Dick Denby had concluded that, due to its manoeuvrability, and if kept to a.

Denby Transport moves a road bridge Dick Denby receives award at 24th Motor Transport Awards Ceremnoy Your chance to drive the Denby Eco-link.

Dick Denby, chairman of Lincolnshire haulier Denby Transport, is having another go at persuading the DfT to allow a road trial of his Eco-Link double-trailer combination. Denby, together with his son and MD Peter Denby, will speak at the RHA Spring Conference on 4 April, where.

The driver was Dick Denby, director of Denby Transport, and the journey was designed not for the commercial benefit of the company (the.