ATO tax claims: 20 tax deductions you didn’t know you could claim - sex toys tax deductible in australia


Australians could claim these strange items on their tax returns | Daily Mail Online sex toys tax deductible in australia

Tax advice you can get behind. Sex Toys, Dogs And The Other Weirdest Tax Deductible Items. GQ Australia 3 June Sex Toys, Dogs And The Other.

Take a look at these tax deductions that may surprise you. that over the next few months millions of Australians will lodge their tax return. Sex toys. It's well established that you can claim a deduction for the tools you use in.

Tax is about as interesting as watching someone watching grass grow. Klaus Hollitzer via Getty Images Three Australian Cattle Dogs, one.

From sex toys and dogs to garden gnomes and handbags, there are Here's a look at a few of some of the more bizarre tax deductible items.