Airway management in a patient with Le Fort III Fracture - intubation with la forte facial fracture


Anaesthesia and common oral and maxillo-facial emergencies | BJA Education | Oxford Academic intubation with la forte facial fracture

We report a case of Le Fort III trauma in which the maxillary fracture was reduced manually to clear the airway and to perform the intubation with the fiberoptic.

or, if appropriate, awake intubation before induction of anaesthesia, are facial trauma due to anatomical disruption or poor patient co-oper- ation. It should be . basal skull fracture is present (common in Le Fort III injuries) or if fractures of the.

who have already been intubated for Le Fort fractures or any that involve.

LeFort II fractures transect the nasal bones, medial-anterior orbital is with a nasotracheal intubation over a flexible bronchoscope or with a.