Transvaginal ultrasound: Uses and what to expect - pelvic ultrasound rans vaginal


pelvic ultrasound rans vaginal

A pelvic ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic exam that produces images that Transvaginal ultrasound may be used with sonohysterography, a procedure in .

Gynecologic ultrasound; Pelvic scan; Pelvic sonography; Transabdominal ultrasound; Transvaginal ultrasound; Transrectal ultrasound.

B. Grandal, L. Blanch, N. Rams. Obstetrics and transvaginal ultrasound showed solid multilocular cysts with anechoic fluid in both ovaries.

Transvaginal scan versus transabdominal scan for gestational sac detection first trimester of pregnancy, had transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound in.