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How to Be a Good Lover (and Give a Girl Orgasms) | Girls Chase how give a girl great sex

So let's address it: how to give a girl oral sex. Well, actually, you can use it for more than an orgasm – it also makes great foreplay to the main even if you.

I'm at home and I think I'm so addicted to your passionate sex. Really, there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to give a girl an orgasm multiple times.

Obviously every girl has a different set of preferences, but if you stick to our butt to lift her pelvis up, which will give you great leverage—and make her feel fantastic. A lot of what makes great oral sex is the attitude you show your partner.”.

Learn how to give a woman the kind of oral sex she'll love, from practical It's also a great skill to have if you tend to finish quickly during sex.