I have an outie vagina. So freaking what? - an innie or outie vagina


Girls, do you have an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’ vagina? Are you happy? - GirlsAskGuys an innie or outie vagina

So, do you have an innie or outtie vagina? That depends on the length of your labia. Here's more information on the labia minor and labia.

So here's a rallying call to women worldwide from an Innie to all y'all Outies: let's embrace all vaginas, and stop making women feel like they.

Apparently my vagina is disgusting, and I had no idea. The labiaplasty was going to transform her outie into an innie. Or basically, a very neat.

An 'outie' refers to a vagina in which the labia majora (ie. the outer lips) is smaller than the labia minora (ie. the inner lips), I prefer the innie.