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Yakuza also known as gokudō are members of transnational organized crime syndicates Members are often described as males with heavily tattooed bodies and slicked At their height, the yakuza maintained a large presence in the Japanese .. have made alliances with local Korean gangs as well as Chinese triads.

A triad is one of many branches of Chinese transnational organized crime syndicates based in . Since the first opium bans during the 19th century, Chinese criminal gangs have been involved in worldwide illegal Similar to the Indian thuggees or the Japanese yakuza, triad members participate in initiation ceremonies.

Behind the Yakuza: documenting the women of Japan's mafia However, Jafé – fluent in Japanese – struggled to gain access, realising that she As a result, tattoo artists are often assimilated to the gang members that they.

In this way, the humility of Japanese society has restrained tattoo If the Yakuza want to use tattoos to show the public that they're in a gang.