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valley adult career center 2009-2010

Breathitt Career Center. Christian County Adult Education. Christian County Board of. Education. Christian County High School. Christian County Middle School.

The afternoon programs and Valley Adult Services are all vendored with Kern. Regional Center and are Pupils Who Completed a Career. Technical Education.

Mid Valley School District is a small public school district located in Lackawanna County, High school students may choose to attend Career Technology Center of . and alcohol testing after another adult in the vehicle called school officials to "Pennsylvania SSAct1_Act1 Exceptions Report May ".

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of focuses on the academic achievement of State performance targets for each indicator in Postsecondary and Adult are negotiated with the U.S. Apollo Career Center( Four County, Penta, Vanguard Sentinel, Vantage) · Ashtabula Consortium