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Distraction lengthening of the proximal phalanx in distal thumb amputations. proximal thumb

A broken thumb is a serious problem. It affects the ability to grasp items. A broken thumb can increase the risk of arthritis later in life.

The phalanges /fəˈlændʒiːz are digital bones in the hands and feet of most vertebrates. A phalanx is named according to whether it is proximal, middle, or distal and its associated finger or toe. The proximal phalanges are those that are .

The interphalangeal joints of the hand are the hinge joints between the phalanges of the fingers that provide flexion towards the palm of the hand. There are two sets in each finger (except in the thumb, which has only one joint). " proximal interphalangeal joints" (PIJ or PIP), those between the first (also.

Dorsal approach to the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint of the thumb Start the incision 2 cm proximal to the MCP joint, extending it to approximately 2 cm.