How to Diagnose a Broken Thumb: 5 Signs It’s Serious + Getting Help - chipped bone in thumb


Hand & Finger Fractures - Types, Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises chipped bone in thumb

A thumb fracture is a break in one of the two small bones (phalanges) that make up the thumb. It is important to treat a thumb fracture as soon as possible--or the.

A scaphoid (navicular) fracture is a break in one of the small bones of the wrist. Symptoms of a scaphoid fracture typically include pain and tenderness in the area just below the base of the thumb. Treatment for a scaphoid fracture can range from casting to surgery, depending on.

Usually a broken thumb is actually a fracture of a bone within your hand. You should always seek medical treatment for a broken thumb.

Find out how to tell if you have a broken finger or thumb, what you should do, and how long it takes to heal. A broken bone is also known as a fracture.