Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Farm Pond Management-Stocking and Harvesting - adult bluegill in pond stocking


General Fish Stocking Recommendations adult bluegill in pond stocking

All ponds have a maximum weight of fish the pond can support. In unfertilized ponds, you should be able to harvest up to 40 pounds of adult bluegill (about .

For the first fish of the day, out comes a dandy hand-sized bluegill. Once bluegill are adults, proper harvest to control their numbers is important to continue.

Eastland, I'd think twice about getting adult fish from area lakes. I read an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram a couple of days ago about the.

8”. Only stock trout greater than 8” if the pond contains adult largemouth bass. Page Stocking New Ponds (Adult size fish). Bluegill. Species. # Per Acre. Size.